According to an ancient story from ancient Egypt, the moon goddess Isis (who was goddess of fertility, motherhood and protector of the dead) was married to her brother Osiris, the sun god.
Isis is said to have given humans the knowledge to extract oil from olives.

To celebrate this union, the leaves of the olive tree have a silver color that recalls the Moon, while the oil extracted from the olives has a golden color that recalls the Sun.
From this ancient story comes the name Isidoro, which means “The gift of Isis“. Despite its pagan origin, this name has also been adopted in Christian culture.
Oil, especially extra virgin olive oil, has a fundamental role in Mediterranean cuisine.
Today not only the quality of a product plays a key role, but also its presentation.

Varvello International’s pearls of extra virgin olive oil are an excellent example of this. In fact, since the product is enclosed in small pearls with the consistency of caviar, you have the opportunity to create refined compositions.

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