Today we want to introduce you to a delicious innovation to take your sushi to the next level: Wasabi pearls in extra virgin olive oil. These aromatic pearls are the perfect combination of the freshness of raw fish and the spicy touch of Wasabi. The result? An explosion of flavors that will make your sushi an unforgettable experience!

Wasabi pearls in extra virgin olive oil are a refined solution to add a touch of spiciness and intensity to your dish. Wasabi, a Japanese root with an intense and characteristic flavour, blends delicately with the extra virgin olive oil, creating small pearls full of flavour. These pearls, with their soft and snappy consistency, melt gently in the mouth, releasing a cascade of aromas that joins the delicacy of raw fish.

Sushi is the perfect dish for summer: light, fresh and full of unique flavours. Pearls in extra virgin olive oil with Wasabi blend perfectly with the freshness of raw fish, creating a harmony of tastes that makes every bite an explosion of pleasure. Whether it’s a classic Nigiri, a delicious Sashimi or an enveloping Maki, these aromatic pearls will add that extra touch that will make your sushi even more special.

In addition to enriching the flavor, Wasabi pearls in extra virgin olive oil also add a striking visual element to your sushi. With their bright green color and spherical shape, pearls create a captivating effect on your plate, inviting you to discover their explosion of flavours.

Whether you’re a seasoned sushi aficionado or exploring new flavors, Wasabi Pearls in Extra Virgin Olive Oil are a great addition to an unforgettable dining experience. With their touch of spiciness and freshness, we are sure they will conquer your summer palates and leave you wanting even more.

Choose Pearls in Wasabi Extra Virgin Oil to take your sushi to new heights of flavor and enjoy a unique summer dining experience. Let yourself be seduced by the combination of fresh raw fish and irresistible spiciness and get ready to surprise your palate with every bite.

Good summer sushi, with pearls in extra virgin olive oil with Wasabi.

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