Have you ever wanted to know the true history of mozzarella? Where does it come from? How was the process that gave rise to it discovered and how has it been handed down over time? In this article, we will explore its origins and how it came to us.

Generally, Campania is considered the region of origin of this beloved delicacy, but in reality the truth is slightly different. While mozzarella’s origins are in southern Italy, it doesn’t exactly come from Campania. In reality, it is the Benedictine monks of Molise who gave rise to mozzarella. Due to the need to transform milk in poor storage conditions into something more durable and above all edible, they invented the process for creating mozzarella.

The term “mozzarella” derives from the verb “mozzare”, which indicates the manual action of cutting the stretched curd by hand to obtain the characteristic ovules. It was these monks who invented this process and created the current mozzarella. Only after settling permanently in Capua, in the year 811, did they import mozzarella into Campania.